P2E game company ıntegrated ınto Portuma

Blockchain Integrated Game Studio of the New World

We make games more innovative with our experienced gaming history. Our mission is to bring gamers and companies looking for quality games together at a single point




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Back Streets

Back Streets, a real-time, online and competitive running game, has maps where players will compete in real-time. Are you ready to do your best to be the winner of the run in the game, which features 6 characters with different special powers?

This Game is Integrated P2E System with Portoken

Wonder Racer

Are you ready for a fast racing game? You will have to fight hard to win this fast race with Axell’s new game Wonder Racer!

This Game is Integrated P2E System with Portoken

Operation Foxtrot

Put on your armor, gather your strength, prepare for the operation and defeat your enemies! Conquer regions, defeat your enemy by focusing on your goal. Play Operation Foxtrot, the unique game of Axell Studio, show yourself!

This Game is Integrated P2E System with Portoken

Play/Watch and Earn!

With Axell Studio integrated into the play/watch and win system, players win while having fun!

Portuma Integration

Axell is an innovative gaming company integrated into the Portuma in-game advertising system.

Blockchain Integration

Axell’s games have a play/watch and win system. Players earn tokens from the games they play.

Character NFT’s

Axell Studio will release NFT characters very soon!

IOS and Google Play

You can download the games on both IOS and Google Play.

Player Friendly

Game designs are designed and developed with player-friendliness in mind.

Goal of Being Global

Our goal is clear; shine globally and become the biggest player in the game world!

Back Streets Character NFTs at Opensea

Back Streets’ NFTs are on sale! Back Streets as the first game, aka apple of the Axell Studio’s eye, NFTs are on sale! Limited edition, and each of them one-of-a-kind game character NFTs can be found on the OpenSea platform. 


This is Bolit City! Once a peaceful city has gone all chaos. It is up to you, the deviants to save it. Bolit City is coming soon on Google Play and IOS!